Bermuda Triangle Theories

There are countless theories and explanations with regards to the Bermuda triangle (otherwise known as the Deadly Triangle or Devil’s Triangle) phenomena. There have been hundreds of books and movies based on the triangle and each one with its own unique explanation on what occurs within Satan’s triangle.  It’s been held responsible for hundreds of shipwrecks, aircraft crashes, unexplainable disappearances, craft instrument malfunctions and various other mysterious phenomena.

Whether or not all of these accidents and disappearances within the triangle are because of some type of paranormal phenomenon or natural explainable events is a matter of intense debate among people. The majority of non-supernatural explanations including the ones given by the US Navy and Coast Guard include such things as general human error and environmental factors. People who find themselves very much convinced something extraordinary is occurring, as well as scientists who take a methodical view, have offered several different explanations for the mystery.

The vicinity within the triangle is subject to extremely violent and chaotic storm and weather changes. These erratic storms can build up to full capacity and dissipate within a blink of an eye. In fact many of them can’t be tracked by weather satellites because they start and end so rapidly. Environmental factors include such things as sudden underwater earthquakes, waterspouts and rogue waves up to 100 feet high or more.

The underwater topography of the triangle is of a great importance as well. They are regions which suddenly drop exceedingly deep into the abyss. Among the deepest trenches the world has to offer can be found in the surrounding waters of Bermuda. For this reason virtually any vessels and / or aircrafts which unfortunately happen to crash within these waters would be extremely difficult to find and recover.

Bizarre Theories

A number of authors have come up with researches in regards to this mystifying region. Most of which have affirmed the connection of these disappearances to supernatural phenomena. 

The Continent of Atlantis

One of the theories tackles about the advanced technology that originated from the lost city, Atlantis. The rock formation called “Bimini Road” located in the Bahamas linked to the story of Atlantis; and it exists within the triangle according to some.

Associated with the UFOs

A lot of researchers associate the Devil’s Triangle to UFOs. In fact, this idea was adapted in the film made by Steven Spielberg. One of its features is the lost Flight 19 talking about alien abduction. Also, Charles Berlitz– the author and linguist of books talking about anomalous phenomena explains that the disappearance could never be solved and is considered as mysteries of the unexplained. 

Other Bermuda Triangle Facts % Theories

  • The Tempest, a 1610 play written by William Shakespeare was based about life on an isolated island situated in this area.
  • Weather reports are inconsistent and differ from time to time. Wherein, when it’s supposed to be cloudy, high winds could be experienced. 
  • The shipping rate of large cruises as well as tankers passing through this region have higher shipping rates. 
  • Supernatural explanations includes: Crystal Pyramids, UFOs, time warps, and the Atlantis. 
  • Other explanations are: tropical surges, inclement weather, pirates, magnetic anomalies, waterspouts, rogue waves, and methane gas. 
  • The region is among the most highly trafficked for novice pilots and mariners, so increased traffic contributes to more accidents and disappearances.

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